another way to transport sand


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Jul 14, 2009
newport news va
i know a truckload is cheaper and you probably get more but for me i need something i can get to the area in my yard where the coop and run are. and i think i found it. it can fit in a small pick up or can be set in a driveway rather than dumped all over the place. i think the price is like $30-$35. i am getting one next weekend to go into our run. i will give more details when i get them.

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Just be careful about how much weight you end up with. While it might fit into the back of a pickup, it could also overwhelm your suspension brakes and drive train.

Half of a yard of sand is about all a medium pickup can safely handle. Too much more than that can be dangerous to haul at one time.

i will keep that in mind. lucky for us the lowes is 2 miles away. i just need my yard to dry up a little before i drive thru it. and the weather is calling for rain this week so the weekend plans are in the air right about now.

one thing is for sure though, i am gonna have 3 inches of sand in that run before spring officially hits.
You still have to shovel it into a wheelbarrow and push it to the run and dump it. I buy the filled sandbags at Lowes, the kind for stopping flooding. They are cheaper than any other bagged sand. It has all sizes of sand in it from fine to tiny pebbles. I drag two bags out of the back of my Hummer, (I know, soon to be a relict) and right onto my dolly and wheel them down to the back. I slice the bag open and pour it out. It is probably more expensive that way but seems like less work. And this old granny can do a couple of trips and rest for a day or two! Hope it works out for you. Take pics! I think they charge a deposit for those bags and refund it when you return it.


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