Another What Color is This Peahen Thread


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Sep 1, 2011
Southeastern Missouri
This hen has more shades of brown just above her legs and is different than my other one.

This one has white just above her legs.

They're both about the same age, roughly 6 months old. Are they both normal IBs?
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Looks like she has some green blood in her.
I have some like that here much darker and prettier neck feathers too.
her is a photo of one, her mom is a spalding and the dad is IB
Thanks for the info. It appears I have a spalding. Not real happy about a hybrid, but nothing I can do about that now. I was taking pics of them today when I noticed the difference in coloration on the one female. My other one looks normal as does the pied I purchased elsewhere. Your spalding is gorgeous!

The differences are so subtle that I didn't notice it when we were trying to catch the females among about 10 or so other 6 month olds. I bought a trio from my friend who bought eggs from someone who said they were IBs. From the eggs he hatched there was a pure white one and 2 that are a light tannish/grayish color. Really pretty and both hens and he wouldn't part with one of those.
Thank you
but she is not a true spalding just has a spalding parent which gives her a much richer coloring , i think they are beautiful.

I wanted just IB's no mixtures but i ened up with some so i just went with that, i bet someday it will be harder and harder to find pure IB as much as they are being crossed .
Sorry to appear completely Peafowl dumb here... but I really am completely new to Peafowl, so I'm still learning as I go

My oldest and newest to me (supposedly IB) Hen has more dark brownish colored feathers going down her chest area farther than my younger (8 mo old) IBs Hens do (need to get pics of that)... plus she has some yellow skin patches below her eyes...
So does that mean she is a tiny % Spalding, or just that she is an older IB Hen? I can get current pics if anyone needs them... but here is one of her older pics from about 1.5 months ago... while I had her in quarantine:
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Nice pic of your hen's crest, Peeps!
She must not have a buddy that picks at it -
You can see her feather sheaths and they look like beads in that shot!!

I have noticed that there can be some slight variation in the body colors of normal IB hens.
Some spalding hens can be very dark.
It can be difficult to tell the age of some of them. If you have a reason to catch them,
say, to worm them orally, check their wings for any possible band.
I have a couple I want to check sometime but havent yet.
I would then post to see if anyone recognized the band #'s. It would be a shot
in the dark.......

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