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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Niss, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Niss

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    Apr 29, 2011
    I need to thin my flock for winter. Specifically some roos must go. DH, or maybe not so d, haha, said he is done with chickens, and wouldn't mind being rid of all of them. I just want a more economical amount to over winter, and some hens could really use a break.

    My goals: a smallish self sufficiant flock for my personall entertainment, eggs, and occasional stew bird, cheep to keep and hardy. Only birds 1 & 2 sleep IN the coop, 3 & 4 sleep outside--I would like them all to sleep inside, but my current roos don't make the ladies come in for the night [​IMG]

    The contenders:
    1. A Silver Duckwing OEGB. Keeper because he has never been agressive and I wonder if he's worth the work to eat (he may even be too pretty to eat, but I have a friend that wants his hackles, so that cancels out). Cull because I don't really want a bunch of bantam sized offspring. Top roo.

    2. Red Sexlink. Keeper because he is very sweet about finding treats and he's nice and big. Cull because he flapps his wings when I walk by and that maybe a sign of agression???

    3. Juvenille welsummer looking guy I was told is a cockeral. Keeper because I love the looks of him. Cull because he is very skiddish. This is probably the lowest bird in the flock, he isn't picked on because they free range, but if I throw treats in his direction he runs because the pullets are coming. This is an older pic, he looks better every day [​IMG]

    4. Light Brahma Bantam. Keep because it's super friendly--follows me around, lets me pick him up and cuddle him--and cute. Cull because it's a bantam (See bird 1), annoying crow? That IS a crow, right? [​IMG]

    5. I have 2 7wk old chicks and 4 3 day old chicks...I assume some (hopefully not all!) will be boys. I could plan on using these little fellows long term, althought that seems a bit risky...

    Edit to ask--The coop is on the small and under vented side for the totle number of chickens. Should I cull some hens too to promote sleeping indoors/make indoor air quality better? What factors should I use to select hens? Would it be cruel to keep each in a 3'x3'x18" rabbit pen for two or three days to check production--I really can only tell one hen by egg color and she just hatched a brood on Saturday!
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    Jun 19, 2011
    Wow hard choice. How many hens do you have? I would lean toward keeping one of the older roosters, but that Brahma is so darn cute! Good luck, culling isn't an easy thing to do. Look for things you want passed down to next years chicks, and how the guys treat the hens.

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