Answer ASAP please concerning water and lock down


11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
West Central Wisconsin
I just put my eggs into lock down last night, I have a Hovabator with a tray with chambers, I filled ALL chambers with water, I think according to the picture that I was to fill only the two center ones, eggs are due to hatch on Tuesday, what do I do!

I will kick myself if I screwed up this hatch!!
I don't have a hovabator but i do know if your humidity is is around 60-65 your fine if its a little higher try and open a vent and get it down a little. don't panic their a lot tougher than you think and as long as their not pipping yet you still have time to make any adjustments you need to. Hopefully someone with a hovabater will be able to give more help.

Good luck with your hatch Dan
I filled ALL chambers, outside and both inside ones, I did not remove the red plug, the eggs are hatching in egg cartons, so they drew up some moisture and there is little moisture on the cover of the bator. ugh!!

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