Antibiotics and how to use them

I got some new birds from somebody who needed to get rid of them I want to issuer that they have a good start what do you folks suggest
Do they seem ill, like they need antibiotics? When you get new chickens they should be quarantined from the rest of your flock for at least two weeks so you can insure they are healthy.
It is not a normal thing to give chickens antibiotics to make sure they are healthy. If they have a certain infection, then a vet might prescribe an antibiotic. Since antibiotics can pass to eggs, you don’t want to use them without good reason, and a time of withdrawal afterward.

How old are the chickens? Do you have others of your own? Most times people need to keep new chickens in quarantine for a month, just to watch them for any symptoms of disease. It is a good time to look them over for lice or mites on their skin, look at their droppings, and to worm them. Valbazen or SafeGuard Liquid Goat Wormer are good ones to use. Be sure to feed them a good layer feed or flock raiser/all flock feed for the best nutrition. Having grit available, and some crushed oyster shell in separate containers from their feed is good. Always make food and water available to them during their waking hours.
They all seem pretty health spry and full of energy they came to quickly to quarantine them I know it’s a risk so I’m more focused on being as proactive with their health if something should arise I’ve got some nice dust baths set up for them and they got along with the other birds almost right off the bat they were well taken care of prior to me having them my birds are at least half pets so they get a lot of fresh veggies along with the layer feed and have a supply of both grit and oyster shell also they have pretty free range of my yard

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