Antibiotics and Worming


10 Years
Jun 29, 2009
Central Missouri
I have a chicken that is sneezing as well as a chicken that was fine one day and walking only on her "knees" the next and now she is close to death.(My 8 year old son is in tears). The two chicken issues seem totally unrelated. I don't know what to do. Do I get an antibiotic and treat the whole flock? If so, are they sold over the counter at my local feed store? Should I routinely be deworming the flock also?

I had chickens before and never had these problems. Now I want to be proactive. I can't afford to take a chicken to the vet everytime I have a concern. What is the best way to prevent these issues?
Can you give us some more information about them. Such as age, eating and drinking? Poo style? Other symptoms? It is hard to tell you what to do without knowing as much as possible. There are so many diseases that mimic others. You could give an antibiotic and it not be right and not do anything to help.
I am most concerned about the sneezing hen. She is a silver laced wyandotte about 7 months old. She is eating and drinking but is sneezing and walking around with her mouth open.

Should I just watch her?

As for the other chicken, I isolated her and she is hanging on. The only thing I notice is that her behind is covered in white poo and she doesn't want to eat or drink.


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