Antwerp Molting and his crow is awful does molting affect a Roos crow?

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Hi I have a year old antwerp. I havent heard him crow in a few weeks. He looks awful he is molting I believe. So when a Roo is molting does it effect his crow I heard a crow and thought OH NO I have another roo!!!!! I have 6 new babies well 4 months old.I stand by coop to see who it was and it was Sebastan he sounds like he is just learning to crow
He had a beautiful crow now its awful dont even sound like him.
So my question Does molting effect a roos crow? Is he sick maybe and I just thought he was molting now Im worried about him
He's a bit young for a full-blown molt, but it is that magical time of year so...

Do a bug check. After summer I always check for bugs as a standard precaution. Feather loss can sometimes be related to bugs which can also be signaled by an overall loss of condition (ie. bad crowing).

Do a worm check. It can't hurt. Also check for gape worms, which are one of the many worms chickens can get.

Increase his protein intake. Molting takes a lot out of a bird. Help him out by adding some extra protein- BOSS, grower formula feeds, yogurt, scrambled eggs, meal worms, cat food in limited quantities.

Keep us posted and let us know if he is still ailing after all these checks and balances. He may be ill, but I am still inclined to think it is as a result of molting until he proves himself to be ill.

Good luck.
Thank you CMV didnt know a year was to young for full molt he is a year and 2 months. I dust and check my chickens so No mites. He is eaing and mating and his eyes are bright and healthy. I have not wormed them so thats my next step Thanks again for replying

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