Any advice on candling before I toss these eggs?

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    My broody had other hens lay eggs with her so there were many different stages. 4 chicks have hatched so I am going to take her eggs today so she can focus on the chicks. I am going to toss the eggs but if any of these sound like saving, I could incubate them......
    A completely solid egg. No peeps, no visible vessels or movement.
    A completely solid egg with a very clear, defined air space, no peeps, no visible vessels or movement.
    I am going to use the incubator for my first batch ever in the next day. 12 rir, 12 barred rock and 12 mixed. i could put these eggs in with those but I am scared I will mess things up, opening and closing, change in temp, different humidity needs....... should I just let those solid eggs go? Probably they are rotten.
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    Toss them...there's a reason they did not hatch.

    Putting those eggs in the incubator with freshly laid eggs would be a mistake.
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    If you haven't hatched before - staggering a hatch, which is what it's called when you mix eggs isn't a good idea.

    I don't change anything when I am running staggers except that I stop turning the solid ones - the ready to hatch.

    I dry hatch so I can stagger with little effect on the over all group. If you live in a zone where you have to bump up humidity to get a good hatch it's trickier by far.

    Yes, broodies abandon perfectly good eggs, they have brains the size of peas. Once they have some chicks if the others are late, they will just leave them. Some broodies will sit on late eggs, most won't.

    If you want em, toss em in and don't turn the dark ones and see what happens, it's almost impossible to see movement in an egg that's due unless the chick decides to be active when you are looking.

    By putting them in and just letting em go, you give them a chance and if you don't do anything different and they hatch, then that's good. And if they don't then they weren't meant to be.

    Today I have a hatch beginning of three of six abandoned chicken eggs. They were split dated. I won't be changing anything, they hatch or they don't and this is their shot. The next batch is due probably five days later, another hen must have laid in her nest after she'd started these. Those three will also hatch or not, when they're due because I have a set of eggs I am working on that are the priority. So no changes, here's your shot.

    Often enough these unbabied, "here's your shot" eggs do hatch, often with very good percentages.

    There's no harm if you're not changing the way you run the bator.

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