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5 Years
Aug 22, 2014
Hello! I have 3 rescued ducks all hatched from the same (litter?) they had 16 brothers and sisters. they were all my young cousins ducks however she asked us if we could take care of a few since she planned on givibg away most of them. we agreed to take them and they have been wonderfull pets so far :) one hatched much later then the rest and with a slightly deformed kneck (Remy the smallest) he is the sweetest little duck ever and loves to cuddle. one (Peep) has lived it's whole life sickly and weak who now is slowly getting stronger and more healthy after a few trips to vet and proper meds :) shes quiet and sweet and loves peas. the 3rd and biggest ended up growing big and strong and altho he has an attitude is quite sweet when he wants to be (penguin) they are inside and outside ducks altho they are mostly kept inside (the two little ones tire out easily and we worry they will get hurt if left outside to long prnguin also tends to trample them and Remy cries for me if left away to long. they all are very happy living in my bathroom and bedroom (my bathroom is actually quite large so they have room to play) the little ones are easy to handle but penguin is very messy. I can handle it but it does take some time. Any advice on how to make cleaning a bit easier or quicker? tips? Also what's the best way to build strength in duck legs the doctor said she's (peep) is become quite healthy despite her being weak in the knees. We have been doing lots of swimming but she dosnt always like to swim long and tires very easy. Also they are all about 3 1/2 months old (Remy about a week younger)
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Sorry about your weak ducks. But it sounds like you are bringing them around to good health. I don't know anything about taking care of ducks. You might want to ask this question in our ducks section for all those duck experts to give you a hand with this...

Good luck with you babies and I hope you can get them on their feet in good health soon! :)
Have you considered rehoming Penquin? He is robust enough to do well anywhere but, I do think the slower two won't advance much with him around.
They are separated (only really play all together at bath time) but penguin seems very attached to peep he won't leave her I know he would be fine on his own but I feel he would miss her considering he freaks out if he's away to long he also gets really annoyed if people don't give him attention so I worry he would end up on someone's property bothering people or hurt -.-
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You will find a lot of good information here. Keep on asking questions and you will get many good answers.

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