Any artists out there?

Sep 13, 2019
So cute! I love the geometric designs of your art. You should make a poult that is confused with a turkey. The front feet should have stripey wing feathers and the back feet should have toes. The head should be turkeylike. And maybe the tail too. Or not. Not sure about the tail.
Thank you, Amer!
I usually draw them on paper though...I'm not too fond of doing it ALL on the computer.
What colors?
I may make an art request thread

Sapphire Sebright

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Jun 22, 2019
Pitiful confusion
i was an artist until my art book was burnt in a house fire
10 years of work gone in 10 seconds
I'm so sorry to hear that. I sometimes worry that I'll destroy/burn/soak my drawings somehow, or that I'll lose them somewhere for good... it's painful to think about, and I'm sorry that it happened to you. :hugs

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