Any artists out there?


Nov 8, 2017
My Coop
...yeah. family drama. My sister's been struggling with anorexia and it hasn't been easy. parents screaming at each other and at her, even when it doesn't last really hurts to watch because it has never been like this before
Aww, that’s really sad. She really needs help. But God uses everything for His glory. She’ll work through this. Because we are fearfully and wonderfully made. The crowning glory of His creation. Thank you @Crazy Cochin for this reminder.
Thanks guys for your support :hugs:love
On a happier note...I pulled up some old WIPs of star wars from a few months ago and finished them up, here they are!

View attachment 2426721

at the beach! anakin refuses to touch the sand, as always.
View attachment 2426722
Wow, the first one! I love the colors! And the shading! Everything works together so well!
And the second... how long does it take to draw so many characters?

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