Any artists out there?


Sep 22, 2020
South Central Pennsylvania
What tools do you use?
I used some tools my dad got when he was about 10. They're not great, but they worked. Oh, and a pocketknife I had laying around. 16108522256286608229303964679569.jpg
I once, a long time ago, maybe a couple of years, carved a baseball bat small enough for the hands of a 6-in Star Wars figure of mine!
That's really funny! The mental image makes me laugh 😂


You can never go wrong, when you go right!
May 21, 2019
Washington State, aka The pacific NorthWest
I love her! But I have a tip, she looks a bit generic. (I would say the same about her personality but it sounds like you will flesh her out eventually)
I think she needs a pretty hairstyle or some other defining physical characteristic that will make her stand out as more recognizable!
The picture I referenced off was like this, and most anime characters I see have long hair, plus, I am just a beginner!
But thanks for the tip! I will definitely try out a special hairdo!

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