Any artists out there?


You can never go wrong, when you go right!
May 21, 2019
Washington State, aka The pacific NorthWest
yeah. eyes are hard.
practice?? I guess?? studying references and art I really like??
I wish I could be more helpful lol.
I feel like, after looking at reference, I can do them, but when I try on paper, not so good, it takes me so long just to get them even! :th
Sep 13, 2019
Not sure if this counts as an artist...but I tried carving for the first time! I tried with a leftover piece of soap so I didn't waste any wood. I started out making a duck, but it sorta turned into an adorable (to me) birdie. I am very happy since it's my first try! What should I call it? View attachment 2492352 View attachment 2492354 View attachment 2492355
So adorable!
Maybe Azul, or...I don't know, I got nothing.
I noticed the bubble gum wrapper, I love bubble gum!

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