Any body else feel this way?

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    Jun 6, 2010
    Now that I have some eggs in the hatcherarium I feel way different about my eggs. I look at each egg like, "Wow, what kind of hen would you be?" And I have a hard time eating my eggs. Now, don't get me wrong I love me some fresh eggs, but I can't help but want to know who would be in that shell if I applied the right amount of heat and time to it. I have a pile of eggs on my counter that are contemplating climbing in the Brower Bator as soon as the Call Ducks are done taking their sauna.
    Especially the big huge old white eggs from my White Leghorn. I have a Ameracauna rooster, named Woozer, and I think if she gave me hens, they would maybe lay great big blue eggs. And she might be a beauty as well. I know I will get over this egg fixation, Or NOT, when the weather changes but for now I think I have to go with this curiosity and see what lies ahead for my little mutt eggs.
    Anybody else see eggs differently now?
    Eggs.... Not just for breakfast anymore
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    Kinda sorta. I sell some of my eggs and since there are so many different colors, I always put two green ones in each dozen. However, my first and only GrandChick was hatched by Buffy from one of Rebecca's green eggs (she's the only laying EE), and the daddy is Carl, my EE rooster. So it irks me, just a tiny bit, to put those two green eggs into a carton, now. I've got 7 shipped olive egger eggs in the Brinsea Mini Advance and they either will or won't hatch around August 2nd... or is that 8/6? Anyway, I am seriously thinking of saving some green eggs to incubate when this very first incubation batch is out of the 'bator.

    Hadn't thought much about the eating eggs part until you mentioned it, but I haven't cooked any in the past month, since the GrandChick hatched. Hmmmm.

    It's certainly NOT due to feeling creepy about it, it's just that it's okay for me to sell 'em but apparently I'm not interested in hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs right now. Hmmmmm.
  3. Hi! Kinda-sorta me too. Pretty much, if an egg isn't sold, eaten or set within 10 days of being laid --- it gets boiled and fed back to the birds. I feel bad as I drop a fertile egg in boiling water, but it's still an egg and I can't hatch them all.

    Selling table-eggs turned into a pain and a waste of my time. It was nice when I had a wholesaler pick them all up once or twice a week, but otherwise it was too much traffic here. We are rather unsociable.

  4. backwoodsman4life

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    Jun 20, 2010
    El Reno, Oklahoma
    Now eating the eggs I don't have a problem with [​IMG] but once there in a batar i would start to wounder what God will make this lil chick look like. It would be great to watch Gods creative power at work. [​IMG]
  5. cackleberrylinda

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    Jun 6, 2010
    Dipsy I feel the same way about people popping in to buy eggs or anything. I love to sell my eggs though. I used to have some people around here that would be all my eggs and goats milk. Sure made it nice to have them buy their own food. There must be an easier way to do it than a sign on the road. Hmmm I think I will call around and see if there are any restaurants that would like them. I would make a delivery if it was close enough. Anybody have any other ideas?

    Gryeyes, that's sorta what I was saying. I don't really feel creepy about it, too much, but it somehow seems like a waste or ... not sure what. I am excited to see what hatches out. I think I need to do a hatch of some of girls eggs. I do love all my little chickens a lot. I have 3 Plymouths, 2 RR, 1 white leghorn, 1 brown leghorn, 1 silver lockenvelder that are laying. And having so few, I just get attached. oh phooey, I get attached no matter what.

    I'm with you BackWoods, all the way.

    Let's hear it for the birds!!!
  6. MuranoFarms

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    Nov 14, 2009
    Boyers, Pa
    Honestly....I have yet to cook an egg and eat it! [​IMG] I feed them to the kids, DH and any guests we have (and we have plenty) but I have never ate an egg from my hens. It's been maybe 4 months since they started laying. I don't know why, kinda creeps me out I guess. lol I've eaten cakes and other things made with the eggs, just not a plain egg. I guess I'm weird.

    I'm kind of regretting putting the last 1/2 dozen olive eggs in the fridge the other day. Should have stuck them in the bator! Since I have a BCM over her, I bet her babies would lay olive eggs too. It's just a shame to eat those eggs, they should be chickies! [​IMG]
  7. hd_darcy

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    Apr 28, 2010
    My chickens haven't started laying yet either, but I have a feeling I will feel the same way. I'm kinda "funny" about food as it is. Not sure if I will be able to eat their eggs, fertilized or not! Silly, I know...and hopefully I won't have any qualms when the time comes. We shall see!
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    Mar 16, 2009
    onchiota NY
    Always in Spring-with every egg laid I always wonder what the chick will look like and I get excited. But on Sat mornngs I have nooo problem frying some of those suckers up for my weekend treat!!! I sell the eggs I dont eat/hatch for others to eat-but I bring them to them at work-I dont like many people at my house either-too much traffic when my girls free range.
    -We have a cabin literally right next to my house we rent out for weekly rentals-and I dred when children are coming-Like this am ...I LOVE getting up long before everyone here and going to let everyone out-I feed them water them and sit with my cup of joe by myself in peace and quite. Not this am...I was getting ready to sit down when I hear 2 voices from the rentals DD's 6 and 9. Blah blah blah --run run run --loud loud loud chase chase chase...Me tweaking out saying under no circumstances are you girls allowed down here unless I am down there or your parents. fruther more NO running-no screeching-no touching-for an hour while I was doing chores for my girls-they followed me around-whats that ones name --what do they eat-can I hold this one? How do I get into that pen to visit? [​IMG] [​IMG] I finally said ok girls enough for today-Im goingback to the house and that means you are too-lets go with a smile-If we werent so hard up for the $ I would never rent the mini house out-too much work on us mentally haha...Its usually only 1 in 4 rentals that brings kids and I have my own too so Im not a terd but mine are beyond that totally annoying stage-and I love it and dont miss it one bit! My chickens are a huge part of my life and when there's "visitors" Im on high alert at all times! sorry to get off subject
  9. Lobzi

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    I think i would feel funny about eating any egg that I knew was fertilized. I have always felt that way about the eggs I collect from my flock. It is very hard to eat them. Oh and also, I feel guilty taking the eggs from my hen. They see me take them and I know they dont like seeing that. I sat by as my Little Hen laid as egg two different times. She lets out some squeaks or cries that indicate the pain of her passing the egg. That makes me even more sensitive when taking her eggs.
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