Any breeders out there? Need advice


6 Years
May 13, 2013
Magnolia Springs, AL
Hi everyone this is my first time owning chicks. I got my first set around 4 months ago. 1 BO, 1BR, 3 silkies, 2 Cochins, and 1 millie fluer d'uccle. I tried to get just hens but managed to get a rooster. One of silkies is a rooster and he is actually turning out to be a sizzle. my fiancé threw in the idea in that we could possibly keep him and breed him. We would probably end up building a seperate pin for him and his two girls since I would be worried about him breeding with the other birds and I really wouldn't want any mutt chickens. Not mention I really wanted a pin where I wouldn't have to worry about which eggs are fertile and which ones arnt.

I know nothing about the ups and downs of breeding. That's why I've come here! I'm hoping some of you breeders could tell me what you love and hate about it and maybe some things I wouldn't think of myself before getting into it. Is it easier to just let them hatch naturally and live with the flock or buy an incubator and keep them inside? Also I have no idea if there is any profit to be made with selling silkies? I have a white, light grey, and blue possible blue partridge which is my sizzle rooster. Can post pictures if that helps.

Anything y'all could advise me with would be greatly appreciated.

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