Any chance these eggs will pip?

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    Hello everyone,
    I just incubated some of my chickens eggs for the 1st time in my daughters classroom. Of 9 eggs 3 pipped and hatched in the last 36 hours. The 3 moved the other eggs all over the incubator. Today due to weather I forced to take the incubator with the remaining eggs home. The eggs were pretty much always kept at the right temperature but the humidity was low, about 20%, so the chicks in the incubator could dry. The eggs were kept safe but definitely were jostled and moved around in transport. I immediately replaced them in the incubator on the cage and increased the humidity when I got home.
    My question is after all this moving and rolling around for almost 2 days is there any chance anymore will pip or hatch? I have no problem with letting them sit for another couple days, but really don't want to be just heating eggs with dead chicks inside....
    Any advice is appreciated, Thanks.
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    Feb 15, 2017
    You can hold them to your ear and gently tsp with your fingernail. Listen for chirping.
  3. They should be alright?...The drop in humidity during transport should not be a real issue because it takes a bit longer for the humidity to leave the egg....
    Just make sure the cells are up if hatching on their sides...

    Best wishes.....:frow
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    Thank you for the advice. I will not get my hopes up as its day 23 and no pips but I need to give them a fighting chance!!
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    Just wanted to update this.
    The morning after asking on whether or not there was still a chance we had a massive power outage that lasted through the afternoon. Needless to say I gave up any remaining hope for the 6 eggs. It took much creativity just to keep my hatchling chick warm!
    I have 3 cute chicks that are now 2 weeks old and doing well.
    I appreciate the advice and help I was given.

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