Any chance this is a pullet?


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
13 weeks old and I still don't know for sure. No crowing yet.
Tail feathers are getting floppy at the sides, but it has been a while since I've had a cockerel to remember what the tail feathers did.
Neck feathers - can't tell looking closely and if I try to touch, a certain chicken screams bloody murder and takes off like I'm trying to kill it. The bottom bits are still rounded, but I can't tell if the upper neck feathers are starting to get pointed or not and can't really tell from a pic either.
Comb is nowhere near as red as the little cochin and he's all boy and still trying to figure out the crowing thing he's been doing for 4 weeks.
Wattles aren't really growing too much and aren't glowing red like the cochin's.

But the LO, still not sure. I've been keeping them both until I know for sure the LO is a cockerel and not a pullet. I haven't integrated them into the coop as it just didn't seem worth it if they are both boys as they will need to be returned, but if only the cochin is a cockerel, we can keep them (and he can find another home later if he gets to be a pain).

Here are some pics from this morning


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