Any Clues? - Catalonia, Spain


10 Years
Sep 7, 2009
Catalonia, Spain
We got given this hen some while ago. This isn't the latest photo, but she hasn't changed much, except in size, and she's become quite large. Eggs fairly beige.

I live in Catalonia, Spain, which might be a clue, but perhaps not. ;)

Doesn't have to be exact, even approximate guesses welcome. :)

Andalusian looks like it could be, though crossed with something else. The comb hasn't grown much from the picture.
Recently we've had a mixed clutch of eggs hatch, one of which is similar to the "splash" chicks pictured, and I suspect it may have come from this hen. I'll see how that one develops.

I'm not very familiar with the black penedesencas, though I've heard the name. We have a white empordanesa, everything else we have is a mix.

Thanks for the help. :)
White are the only Emps we have in the states but if there is a breed here rarer than the Black Penedesenca, it's the White Emps.
Last summer, to the best of my knowledge, I had the largest collection of BPs in the country and am trying to get my numbers up again while culling hard to meet the Catalonian standard.
Right, here's some updated photos of her (one with flash, one without - wasn't sure which one would show colours and details properly). She's grown into quite a big hen. :)

Does this add any significant clues?

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