any clues how to do anything like this

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    Mar 5, 2011
    how to make a cat thing like one of these thingies
    because i have a cat (someone drop her off [​IMG]) she basely rip off her ear or clawed it almost off now don't get me wrong i loved her (even thougth my sister and I thought she was a raiped abonen squeelie/racoon thing mute thing lol) but she starts wanting to go outside again but her ear is still healing and i am afaid she get hit by a car, run away, or even her old owens steal her back because she almost all fixed up

    and you can tell she was a drop off here because
    well she was as freinldly as she could be after her slight shook was over
    she was fixed
    never not every used her claws (only twice but as playfulness and jeluslyely of one of my other cats)
    she seem like she had kits before
    you know she was a valerlybeeb breed because she not a simmens (but look like one) may: ragdoll-acts like one sometimes hymlines(if thats spelled right)-looks
    and the biggest piece of whatever....(dundundun) their was a fancy looking car here the other day three/two years agoie that don't stop to buy anything from my grandma store drop something and speeded away [​IMG]
    but really help me with one of those thing plese [​IMG]
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    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    Not sure what's up with that link, I ultimately had to copy and paste it into another browser window to get it to work, weird! [​IMG]


    I have something vaguely like that: see (it's grown a bit since that thread, but you get the idea. The cats completely LOVE it, and I will probably expand it further this summer. They catch rodents out there on a fairly regular basis! Really really. In a run. We have *very stupid* voles/mice/moles/shrews, I guess!)

    It's not difficult to build if you've built a chicken coop or VERY GOOD SOLID HAS-A-GOOD-TOP chicken run. Same basic concept. Use 2x4s instead of the welded metal that website uses. I wouldn't suggest anything larger than 2x2 mesh, 1x2 cagewire would be better but is pricier so personally I went with the 2x2. (It's garden-grade, I would not use it for chickens, I would not use it for cats either if you think there might be dangerous dogs or whatever around; but in a relatively safe area, IMO it is fine for cats)

    The trickiest parts IME were a) getting a thingie fit into the window to have a cat flap in, and having it all be stable and nonwibbly; and b) getting the run to be stable without physically attaching it to the house (b/c we have a brick-faced house... if you are willing to bolt things into the exterior of your house, this becomes trivial).

    Do make sure the cat cannot dig out under the fence thru the ground -- part of mine is on pavers, and the other part (that isn't shown in the thread, it is a corridor going about 20' along the base of the cedar hedge to R of photos) has wire on the floor covered by a few inches of mulch.

    It was not at all difficult to do overall. Definitely give it a whirl!! [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,

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    Nice set up you have Pat........
    We are going to build one when we move after the two youngest children get out of school this year, and my oldest has had her second child.
    The place we have our eyes set on has everything we need...well, not a storm shelter (wishin we had a cave).
    Our set up will have our two females in/out of the kitchen or bedroom window, we haven't decided yet which window......and it'll look something like the designs on the website.
    The property has Bluebirds and the mother cat is an accomplished hunter....I LOVE'll have a way to be outside to get excercise....via her catrun.

    My cat...will be in the henhouse with 4 henyards - I'm going to try him out there...I'm getting Bantam Games.
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    Mar 5, 2011
    Quote:i love it Sh'Muffin (no we not on anything and yes we were ten-14old when we name her(my one is getting stuck..again)) plus it might also be use for cats that are recoving still like my cats Socks Starker1(CottonCandy) Starker2(DieDare/Mini Newt (a tv show we use to wacht)) and also kittens i save/stole from under ahouse that was starys and was dieing,aboned, or something like that and don't worry my coop and brooder or chicks are here yet and not yet builtd but don't worry my dad's freind Big Newt and my grandpa use to build house and suff like that so a little run for my cats or intoing kittens into the outdoors not going to be to hard for them or me and my dad's freind isn't going to be to hard..... unless my grandpa make it KITCORE FABLASRISHSH SOMETHING that cost $215990236581699000064e75t84 again [​IMG] he dosn't spiold his grandkids just the pets it's kindiey sad thought [​IMG] [​IMG]

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