Any Experience with Coturnix delegorguei arabica


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Sep 13, 2014
My native quail her in Oman is Coturnix delegorguei arabica does any one have any experience with them. I am wondering if they could be sucessfully farmed for eggs or meat. External tempratures here in the summer can get up to 40-45 degrees C, If I wanted to raise quail outside I am thinking they may be better adapted than non native species. And would the eggs cook at 45degrees??!!! before they could be collected.. They do sell quail here in the market but the sellers have told me they are imported from Pakistan and are of unknown origin.

Thanks for your expertise.

I'm not 100% on this, but that is the harlequin quail, yes? I would think they would do fine, and if the eggs are collected daily or a couple of times daily I don't think they'll "cook" because if that were the case how would the birds ever raise chicks in the wild there?

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