Any experience with eggs from My Pet Chicken??

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    Feb 22, 2010
    HI!! so, I want to purchase a couple hatching eggs from MPC. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? I dont want a lot, maybe one or two eggs from them. Please help!!
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    Apr 25, 2010
    Search on here for posts about 'Gabbard Farms'. That is where they come from.

    ETA If purchasing eggs you will want more than one or two. Chances are high with shipped eggs that several of them will not hatch, and you don't want one lonely chick to have to find a companion for.
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  3. speckledhen

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    You'd be better off getting some hatching eggs from someone on BYC, probably cheaper here, too. Wherever you get them, you'll want more than a couple of eggs, though, because the success rate on shipped eggs is already low.
  4. soccerbabiesmama

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    Sep 22, 2010
    I had a horrible experience with My Pet Chicken and find them to be an incredibly dishonest company. I placed an order with them for some chicks, but had to cancel 2 days after I placed it because it was more than my HOA would allow (I already own 4 BA's). I called and canceled within their cancellation time frame, but they refused to cancel my order because of a weird way that they calculate their 14 day cancellation policy (which they don't thoroughly explain in their order). When I told them to not shop because I would not pick them up from the post office, they got very angry and refused to refund my money, even though I canceled within their published cancellation period. The reason that they wouldn't refund my money is because they moved my ship date to a sooner date, therefore voiding my ability to cancel altogether. I had to get my bank involved, who evaluated the purchase agreement and all correspondence and agreed with me.

    I think the worse part of the experience was the immense amount of guilt that they (MPC) tried to shovel my way. The chicks hadn't hatched yet when I canceled, were gestated way before I placed my order, yet I was "abandoning babies".

    Here is a quote from their email to me:

    "Thanks for contacting My Pet Chicken again with your complaint. We will identify a rescue farm to take your birds. A rescue farm can be anything from a feed store who will agree to care for and adopt out your abandoned chicks, an individual person who will agree to adopt your babies, and sometimes a non-profit rescue farm. We won't know who they will go to until we are able to scramble to find your abandoned birds a new home.

    Even in cases where your abandoned birds go to a nonprofit, you don't get a tax deductible receipt from them, the same way you don't get a tax deductible receipt for "donating" an unwanted dog or cat to the Humane Society. It doesn't work that way; it is not exactly a kindness to the charitable foundation to give them your abandoned or unwanted animals. A tax deductible donation to an organization like that would be a donation of money, food or pet supplies, not a further burden on their kindness."

    Keep in mind, these chickens had only been ordered a few days prior and had not been hatched yet - what would they have done if I never ordered them?

    To add insult to injury, they sell cancellations on their Facebook page and don't "donate" or send to a "rescue" as they claim. Within the time that I canceled and they kept my money, I found the exact chicks (still not yet hatched) on their Facebook page offered at a reduced price. They received funds twice for these birds. You can take a peek at their page and see these "sales".

    Many people have had very positive experiences with this company, but, I have not.

    Best of luck!

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