Any explanation why they start laying at the same time, so early?

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    So I went into the coop and found 3 eggs on Wednesday. All 3 green one a little bit more olive tint. I figured all from Willow (white americauna/EE) because she has been egg songing a lot! Next day Roz (BR) lays a light brown egg right in front of me, as I was retrieving one the Audrey had just layed (White laced pumpkin colored EE). Audrey's was the more olive color, so I now know that one of the 3 was her's. Today. Willow lays a very nice blueish Green, and Francie (production red) is under the cardboard box that is serving as a nesting box because they are earlier than I thought they would be. I could see that she had an egg half way out, so I helped it along a bit. A perfect medium brown egg.

    So at this point, I figure, Willow started on Tuesday, Audrey on Wednesday, Roz on Thursday, and Francie on Friday. It seems weird that they would suddenly all start laying together at only 21 weeks. Here's hoping the other 8 follow right in succession. Does anybody know any explaination for this phenomena. And do you think that having a Roo mating with them makes them lay earlier. I have friends with much older chickens, and the same breeds that aren't so lucky. They don't have a Roo.

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    IDK but its like PMsing with women. If a bunch of women work together-their "cycles" wind up all in the same week too!

    BTW-congrats on the eggs the one looks like and olive egger egg??? prrreeetttyyy

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