Any fencing suggestions??

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    May 6, 2008
    Hi All---We've just set up a brand new chicken coop---it's awesome with the boxes etc... Now were on to enclosing an area for our chickens---we've got a pretty vocal roo and want to make sure our neighbors still love us! Any suggestions on size and type of fencing---and where to get it reasonably? We've got 13 chickens right now and want to make sure they have enough room to be happy---they have been "free range" through the yard...but with the roo---it's not so good! We really love him though so we're working on plan B [​IMG]--Any suggestions on size and materials would be greatly appreciated [​IMG]! We'd been wondering about height too--or should we enclose the top with chicken wire? or something else?? Thanks ahead of time for the advice [​IMG]!
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    Apr 25, 2008
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    Check out the coop design page on the backyardchickens website. We got a lot of ideas from there. Lots of pictures of different coops with runs attached. My favorite is buff hooligans. I agree you should keep them in the run especially when you are not home. I'm going to let mine free range only when I am home to keep an eye on them but they will be in the run otherwise. Our first go around we had a mean rooster who did a good job protecting my hens but he had to go bye-bye when he got agressive with my kids. Long story short after rooster went bye bye our hens started disappearing thanks to a neighbor's dog. Hence the need for a run. Hope everything goes well for you. BTW, cover your run to keep hawks and owls out, racoons too! Here's buffhooligan link
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