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Aug 1, 2013
Below are pics of my 7 week old chicks. The eggs were a rainbow assortment from a friend of a friend who has chickens. They were hatched as part of a summer science project. We talked to the eggs while incubating & held them daily. They now follow us around the yard and still enjoy being held. All who meet them are amazed at their great temperaments. We can not have roosters in our town, but we hope to find good homes for our males & keep the hens.

Above is Brownie (our favorite). We think he may be a rooster, since he's the leader.

This white one is McNugget. Like Brownie, the comb turned color quickly - by 4 weeks old.

The smaller white one is Princess Lay-a. Close ups will follow.

Einstein (dumb as a brick) and Firefighter (named by our 3 yr old). We think hens. Firefighter had the biggest comb for the 1st 4 weeks, but it stopped growing & looks very pale. We think both may be hens.

Above: Firefighter again.

Below are the 2 that I have no idea.
Gray one is Tyrion. (Fearless & very inquisitive)

Some pics taken on a very hot day = panting

White one is Princess Lay-a (very friendly & calm)

Feel free to offer your opinions.
Also, at what age would the boys start crowing?
Brownie and McNugget are your manly men in the crowd. The rest don't show any signs of rooster.
What everyone else said! You have some really pretty birds. To answer your question, of the ones we have hatched this summer (over 3 dozen probably) The boys have crowed as early as 7 weeks and as late as 22 weeks, I am sure that doesn't help you out much but it is our experience. The average crow time seems to be 15-18 weeks.
Thanks. Why we are so in love with them is their outstanding temperaments. With the exception of one hen, we can scoop them up in one hand (palm up) and their legs just dangle between our fingers. No flapping or fussing - just a calm, relaxed bird. (Exception: Firefighter doesn't like to be picked up, but snuggles down after you pick her up.) Because we are still making the coop/run, they sleep in a dog crate in the garage & are put in a temp run in the grass during the day. Because the run moves each day, they must walk or be carried back & forth. Firefighter is the smartest & quickly learned that if she puts herself in the run & back to the dog crate at night, I have no need to pick her up. The neighbors think my daily chicken parades are a funny sight. What's even better is when I call out "Ch-Chickens!" & they all come running. Here's the coop so far. We added wheels so we can move it out back by the fruit trees during the summer & closer to the house during the winter.

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