any guess on colors?update-6 weeks old


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Sep 19, 2009
central georgia
i got 4 of these from a mixed flock so they could really be any color.the person had just about all the color varieties(pearl ,lavender,chocolate,white,ETC)

#1 this one has no white

#2this one looks like the one above but has white underneath

#1 and #2 the 2 of them together

#3 and #4 these 2 look the same with a lot of white

#3 and #4 one looks like it has stripes and the other doesn't

thank you
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#1 & #2 Pearl Grey, pretty positive on those

#3 & #4 look Royal Purple, but the left one in the 2nd and 3rd pics might possibly be a Chocolate.

If you can, post more pics with their head markings more smoothed out in a couple days when they are more fluffed out, I'll be able to better tell what they are for sure.

Cute tho, congrats, did you hatch them?
thank you,
yes i did hatch first guineas.i am so excited
they are so cute and fast.

i will get some more pics,they are a week old now but these were the only pictures i have right now.

thanks again
OK, I'd love to see how they look now, and I'll be able to better tell if there's a Chocolate or not.
Congrats on your hatch!
Great pics!!!

#1 & #2 Pearl Greys
#3 & #4 Royal Purples
Cute, Adorable, Cute !!!!!
thank you for your help.
i hope i have 2 pair so i can hatch more of these little guys.can't wait to have them running around the farm.
and yes,they are very cute :love
Something else I just noticed... the head marking/squiggly stripe area looks a little narrow on one of the keets (the keet on the right in pic 1, 2 and 4), and in pic 4 I think I see white flight feathers coming in at the very tips of it's wings. So you might have a Pied Royal Purple
well, since it was a mixed flock,we may never know for certain but it is still fun trying to guess.
i would love to have a big mixed flock running around.

here is what the person i got them from said she had
"I have all different colors. I have the normal pearl, lavender, white and then there are some with a dark violet color to them and then some are light like the lavender but have a sky blue like coloring to them. Oh and I have some tan color ones and pied colored ones."

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