Any guesses on the gender of my little mutts?


7 Years
Oct 11, 2012
Bluff, New Zealand
These are my 3 and 4ish week olds,

little runt butters (not doing so well) 4 weeks

i think these two 4weekers i think are roos? especially in this pic!

Nugget! I think she is a Hen 3 weeks old

sorry about these pics feeding them before taking photos was a bad idea....

Feel free to take a stab in the dark!
Yeah i have been checking the smaller ones for bugs have not seen anything, i was just about to go and cook some eggs for butters I hope he just needs time to eat and sleep on his own.
mites only come out once they start roosting at night while lice live on the birds. if you check in the day time and see nothing wait an hour or so after they start to roost and go check for mites and make the lil one is staying nice and warm as well

i see at least 2 cockerels maybe 3 but still a bit young to tell for sure
cool thanks for that, I will look tonight it doesn't get dark here until about 9pm so they stay up really late! I have the little guy under a heat lamp now eating eggs and some yogurt he seems to be a little chirpy
I think your guesses are right, and I see 3 roos as well
Cute birds!

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