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9 Years
Dec 18, 2010
Hello, recently my family got a bunch of chicks in from McMurray Hatchery.
Out of these chicks, my mom ordered the "brown egg-layer" assortment, and we got them all, though some of these chicks I for the life of me cannot figure out what breed they are! I'm normally pretty good, and figured all the breeds except for these few...which look like games BUT McMurray doesn't have any standard, brown-egg laying games! Lol. I thought they might be speckled suxxes, but even then they don't look exactly like the chicks online, in the magazine, or from breeders. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks, and below is a picture...

All the chicks look like that, though with a slight brighter / darker hue to their feathers. Very slight.
I would take a wild guess and say they are probably all mixes of the best brown egg layer breeds. red stars, cinnamon queens, golden comets AKA production reds...all great layers, but not always a specific pattern to their feathers. good luck
Yeah, she's a single-comb, (still young, and a pullet, so it's hard to tell.)

And that might be true, about her being a mix, but I think it very unlikely that McMurray would do that---but you know, I have no idea.
hatcheries can be unpredictable when it comes to what a breed "should" look like.

I would say give it a few weeks and you will have a better idea of what breed(s) your little girl may be
Can you get a better pic of the legs they look yellowish.The legs should look like this for Sussex....
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