Any hatcheries sell day old female coturnix?


9 Years
Feb 28, 2013
I'm considering raising quail for their eggs, so I don't want any males. I'd love to hatch them myself, but I'd rather not have to find a home for the males. I'm not finding any hatcheries where they sell them already sexed.

Thank you in advance!
I don't think you can sex quail at birth and, due to their small size, it would be dangerous to do so. Your best option would be to find someone selling young adult females.

That would explain it! Lol Thank you!
Would you be willing to cull at birth? I know a seller who claims to ship eggs that will hatch sex linked babies. So you could at least cull them at birth or soon after versus weeks later when they feather out.
Thank you for your response! I wouldn't be able to bring myself to do it, but I do appreciate the idea.

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