Any hope of new hens beginning to lay in winter?

Chicky Joy

11 Years
Jun 22, 2008
I have 6 black sex link chicks that are 5 weeks old. They'll be around laying age in early January. Is there any possible way they will lay before spring? I know this is breed known for their egg laying so I was just wondering if this was possible.
I think chickens will do what they darned well want to. They are supposed to slow down in the winter, but so far, mine have done nothing they are supposed to do.
We have 8 red stars that lay very well. They've been laying since the first week of July. I'm sure they'll do ok through the winter, even if they slow down a bit we'll still get a good number of eggs. I'm very curious as to whether or not we should have any hope of expecting any eggs before spring from our chicks that will be 20 weeks old in January.
Chickens' egg laying shut-off hormones are triggered by the shortening days, and they won't lay again at top production until the days lengthen again. If she is cold-hardy, however, she might lay as soon as she becomes mature if you supplement light.
My girls that were hatched Oct 2, started laying I think it was Feb 9th.
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That's encouraging news.

What breed? Did you do anything to encourage that (lighting etc...)?
My Buff Orpingtons started laying in November last year at 5.5 months and laid all through the winter. They are a winter-hardy breed though, so it doesn't seem to matter to them what temp it was. They did slow down when it got REALLy cold.

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