Any idea as to what is wrong?


7 Years
May 22, 2012
This chicken has been looking under the weather for about a month now. I thought it was red mite so did all the cages and waited a week to see if she was any better but no change. Some days she would look like she was getting better then the next it would be back to square one. She has been eating and drinking until today but has lost alot of weight. I had another hen like this at the same time as her but that one went downhill quicker. I gave the otherone batril and syringed feed it for over a week. I was wondering if anyone knows what time hen could have as I don't want to just give it baytril if it can be avoided plus I would like to know for future reference. It has been with my hens the whole time and none of them have caught anything from it or show any signs of illness.
The hen is sitting hunched and her comb and face have gone very pale (this has only been in the last week or so) she doesn't move around much and tends to just sit down in the house.
Thanks for any help
It could very well be more than one problem: something caused her some distress, like worms perhaps, and then her immune system was weakened allowing an illness to take hold. Behavior is often the first clue something is wrong. When my son would get sick, usually the first clue was a decrease in activity and quietness.

I agree with flockwatcher that you need to provide more info. Also, I am pasting a link for a paper that describes illnesses and it has 3 checklists at the end to help.
You mentioned red mites and doing the cages...did you pick up and visually inspect your birds for external parasites? If you did and didnt see any, most likely your birds need to be wormed.
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