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Oct 3, 2012
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Hello All,

I got these guys just before Easter, they were rescued. I'm pretty sure Ive got 2 girls and a roo, and the little girl is an Isa Brown, but I have no idea what the bigger ones are. I thought they were just broilers but they are going creamish brown over their backs and wings.

This is them a couple of weeks ago, they went straight from yellow to white.

And heres my little roo roo, taken just last week on Thursday. He jumped out of my little baby bird day care and started loving up my Australorp...Who has just been dying for some roo attentions! what do you get if you put a white rock rooster over an Australorp or an Isa brown? I'm quite excited at the idea of chicks
I'm not for sure on what feather genetics are dominant or recessive, but guessing that the cock is WW, the Australorp is BB, then the chicks would be 100% BW (not sure on the coloration, maybe blueish-grey, but if the White Rock has a barring gene, then the chicks will be sex-linked, where the males are black and the females are barred (usually, the sex is opposite in that case, but's that when the parentage is also switched). If the cock is ww, the then the chicks will all be Bw, black, but carrying a white gene. The legs would most likely be yellow, for I believe yellow is dominant over grey.

As for Red Sex-Link (or ISA Brown), the cross of that is a red gene male (RR) and a silver gene hen (going out on limb, and saying Wr (Barred/White= Columbian), so Red Sex-Link would be RWr. Cross that with a White Rock, I'm guessing, maybe 50% Red Sex-Link looking, and 50% white. All offspring would carry a barring gene.

Sorry for doing all my work in this post, and it's all "guesstimations", my theory isn't fact.
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Thanks so much! I breed horses so I'm not totally out of the loop with what you're saying, even if in chicken terms in a total noob! I got my australorp and Isa brown a few years ago and never really thought of breeding.

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