Any idea what breed this is? And is it female?


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Oct 21, 2013
Northern Victoria

It is VERY small but seems mature.
Thankyou for that. I had my suspicions. I'm very naive and believed the bloke who was selling it as a gold laced Wyandotte. I will be asking him for an explanation next time he's in town which will be in 4 weeks. In the meantime, any idea if she can go in with my chickens? So far my chickens only show aggression toward her in the quarantine coop. Also my chickens free range, will she just fly away if I let her loose? Thanks again to both of you for the help.
I would put her inside your coop in a roomy cage with food and water-like a playpen-so they can see each other but not hurt or get to her. Then after a week let her be free in the coop but not free range-for a few days-then she will know where to roost for the night. Keep an eye on how they treat her after she is out of the coop and free ranging. Best of luck-she is pretty!
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