Any idea what this flower is called?

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    Aug 29, 2016
    And is it safe for my chickens?

    The girls have been free-ranging so much that they have neglected the landscaping inside their run - and this pretty little weed is taking over! They are not eating it, so I'm not worried about that, but I'd like to know for sure... It blooms in the late afternoon/early evening, and is done by early morning; 8 petals I think, with 2 overlapping to form a heart. Yellow when in full bloom, pinkish/orangish when blossoms close. Actually makes for a good groundcover, as it grows on top of the ground, with many long tendrils - if you try to pull one up, a whole mat lifts up with it!

    Appreciate any ideas - I'm about Googled-out! I'll be taking the weed-eater to the run soon, so can this weed stay or should it go? Thanks!
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    Where about do you live? Different places have different weeds. I have not seen something like that here in Colorado.
    My experience is if the chickens don't eat it or dig in it then it is likely toxic.
    I would get rid of it and wear gloves as some plants are bad by contact. Thinking that it may irritate their skin and that is why it has not been scratched to death.

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