Any ideas on what I can use this for?


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Jun 27, 2021
We are cleaning out the basement, and before I throw anything made of wood out, wondered if you haany ideas on how this would be useful in my coop or run? It used to hold TV trays. Should I toss it?

I also found an old kitchen cabinet with no doors I’m going to make nesting boxes out of!



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I’m also thinking to stabilize the bottom and make a feed/water station bc you can add roof/cover/protection from the elements if a feeder, using the structure that is there. Otherwise, stabilize the base, add a platform on the horizontal arms and they can fly up to the platform or to the uppermost handle.
Thanks guys! I was thinking it was too short too roost on, but you’re right I could add longer bars where the trays would go. It’s about 3 feet high. I also like the idea of a feeder station! I was drawing blanks when I looked at it since the top piece is barely over a foot long & not enough roost space. Thanks again for your ideas!
We finally got around to cleaning the basement & shed, & there are so many cool things! Also feels good to let go of stuff I know we won’t use (badly cracked garden pots, rusting metal, broken hula hoops). 😂

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