Any ideas? Vet doesn't know.


Jan 16, 2016
It all started when we noticed my favorite Barred Rock "Cookie" getting a pale comb and acting off - not sleeping on a roost but rather the ground and getting really light. She seemed to be eating/drinking, so we let her be. But she died a couple of weeks later when she simply wasted away. We should have separated her and brought her to a vet or something but we're really new at this. All of the other chickens looks and acted fine and she was one of the oldest there. Then another hen - a Partridge Rock - started getting a pale comb. And we got more worried - this was a younger chicken - under a year old. She was acting fine but we went ahead and separated her and took her to the vet (1st time to the vet witha chicken to the vet that the feed store recommended). The vet said she didn't have worms - which we thought were the likely culprits because we have never dewormed them. But that was the most the vet could say. She wasn't completely digesting her food, that was the conclusion the vet came to. At this point she wasn't eating or drinking much, but still having poops. My mom was thoroughly unimpressed with the vet. We used the vet-ordered antibiotic which is supposed to be for intestinal problems. We used meal worms to get her to eat plus kelp for the vitamins and had to use a syringe to get her to drink. She seems to be doing okay with the eating. I'm not sure about the drinking. Her comb is still pale and she hasn't laid the whole time she has been secluded. She is still really light for her size. We don't want to lose another one - please help.

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