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  1. I was asked by the owner of this rooster if I could figure out what this is on his leg.
    It is a patch of skin the size of about 3 x 3 inches on the skin on the front of the drum
    area and the surface is very hard but the skin around it is still soft and normal looking.
    The first time it was noticed the rooster was limping and the spot was the size of a pinky
    finger nail about 5-6 weeks ago. It feels like a thick pad of skin is also under this odd patch
    of skin but not attached to the muscle of the leg. I have not seen this before.....anyone have
    any ideas what it is and how to treat it?
    Sorry about the pictures, I don't have that good of a camera.

    a picture from the side to show good skin and the thick black callus type skin

    shows the dark color and bumpy surface of it

    another picture showing healthy skin and the callused skin.
    He will limp off and on and this thing is growing.....
    is it cancer or what and how do we treat this.....thanks.
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    Did the rooster have a Mareks vaccine? Mareks can cause lymphomas and skin problems, although I hope it's not that. Cancer is pretty common in chickens, unfortunately. Here is a link with pictures--click on gross lesions--the first picture is a Mareks lymphoma in the leg:
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  3. The rooster was acquired from a major breeder when he was 6 months
    so we don't know if he was vaccinated. Thanks for the link.
  4. After looking through all the pictures and reading the captions in
    that link, it does not look like what he has. The skin is discolored
    and hard on the surface with a thick pad just under the area but
    it does not feel like it is attached to the muscle, it is free floating.
    The damaged skin area is almost crusty looking and black but he
    has yellow skin normally. The rest of his feather follicles appear
    normal and soft. Any other ideas or links? Thank you.

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