Any ideas what's wrong with my hen?

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    Jun 8, 2011
    She's a Blue Orpington hen, I'm not sure exactly how old she is. I got her in June, was told two years at the time.. She's been not quite right for a few weeks, not laying, not looking healthy, slightly subdued..not her former self. She's going through a really bad molt, and insult to injury, she is also my 23 week old Rooster's favorite hen, since there are only two hens of mature age in my flock, and the other one kicks his @** if he tries anything with her. Her comb and wattles are pale-ish and look chewed up by the roo, her comb is actually folded over to one side. Two nights ago, I was doing the headcount in the coop before I locked everyone up and she fell (was pushed!) off the perch. She landed belly down on the floor, a fall of about 4 feet, and started flailing and squawking, unable to straighten out her neck. It was flipped over backwards if that makes sense, not turned, but actually folded over backward. Once I realized what was going on, I straightened out her neck, and put her in a quiet, uncrowded space on a lower level shelf in the coop. She seemed a bit disoriented, but quieted right down once her neck was going the right way. I was sure she'd be dead in the morning when I let them out, but she hopped right out and started doing what chickens do with the rest of them. It happened again today in the run, I was sitting in there, tossing mealworms, getting my afternoon entertainment and all of a sudden, I hear her squawking, her neck is flipped backward again and she's freaking out. I straightened it out, she went back to chasing mealworms. Could this be due to an injury? Can she get better, or should I put her down?
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    Most likely the injury occured during the first fall. Seperate her into a crate or cage, provide her with feed and water. You can purchase vitamin B complex tablets at a pharmacy, crush a few into powder and sprinkle on her feed. Do this for about 5 days then release her. It may or may not help her. If she is still eating/drinking/laying normally, I see no reason to cull her.
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    I do think she could have an injury. Did you ever see her throw her neck back like that before the fall? I think it might be a good thing to put her in a dog kennel so she can rest, and spoil her with treats and food and water. She might need some extra protein to help with that feather re-growth, like a boiled, chopped egg yolk.

    Also, she probably shouldn't run around alot since her neck may need time to heal. Poor thing......I do think she can have half a baby asprin for pain....

    I hope she's going to be OK.

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