Any ideas?


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May 31, 2011
Sorry about the crummy pictures, will try to get better. Allegedly, these two are sisters (of course, the lady had them listed as silkies). Not like any silkies I've ever seen. But any ideas on the breed/cross? They're both bantams of some sort or another, and the black one is just the MEANEST little thing. She torments my Polish to no end (hence why I'm looking for a possible breed... a "For Sale: B*tchy Bantams" might not go over well on the local lists!


They could be a silkie mix. Why not keep the nice one and send the meanie to freezer camp? Or separate the mean one and put her by herself for a couple days, then reintroduce her? Would that work?
Possibly Brahma crosses as minimal leg feathering. My Brahmas always are rough housers & have to be removed from an asst. situation as tend to grow faster & injure smaller breeds. Very tough bantams in that they always remind me of little football players of the bantam world ! Do wonderful in colder climates compared to most of the other bantams. Good luck with your birds !
Here I only thought a friend of mine used the phrase Freezer Camp (she breeds meat rabbits). *laugh*

She seems like she's settling down, it might just be the stress of moving around and new flock friends. We'll see. She keeps being cranky, we'll try rehoming first.

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