Any info on Cochins?

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    Hi!! I'm so excited about these chicken forums.[​IMG] The best way to learn is by those who have lived it. I just got my "Feather footed Fancies" 5 weeks ago. They are doing great. But I've never raised Cochins. Anyone got advice and info on their behavior, egg laying, brooding etc? I don't know what kind I have yet I'm enjoying figuring them out. I do know I have two Salmon Faverolles. Any info would be a blessing!
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    Apr 14, 2007
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    well they are really gentle-- good layers and setters- a good chicken altogether
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    Apr 10, 2007
    here is some information on Cochins

    Cochins came to the US and England for the first time in about 1845, when they were known as Chinese Shanghai fowl. The first ones were a buff color and their size and thick soft feathering created quite a sensation, especially in England. The American Poultry Association recognizes Buff, Partridge, White, Black, Silver-laced, Golden-laced, Blue, Brown and Barred varieties.

    One of the largest chickens, a full grown cock can reach 11 pounds, with the hens reaching 8 1/2 pounds. With their thick fluffy plumage, the birds look even larger. Their skin is yellow and they lay a brown egg. Although bred mostly for exhibition, they make a good meat bird. Cochins are usually very calm birds and easily made into pets. They are also excellent broodies.

    or for bantams

    Bantam Cochins are known as Pekins in Britain and Australia.

    These little birds are very popular both in the fancy for showing and with backyarders as pets. They are very tame and pretty. They are also popular as broody hens, being able to cover a fair number of eggs and sitting very tightly.

    and he is a cool website for you to check out Enjoy!
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    My Cochins are great girls. They are friendly, calm and lay pretty well. They tend to go broody (I have one sitting on four eggs due to hatch Tuesday! [​IMG] ) but I have nothing but good things to say about them.

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