Any Info on the Speckled Sussex? :)

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7 Years
Oct 20, 2012
H&B Hens (My Flock) Texas
I'm ordering some Speckled Sussex Hens and I'm wondering if they are a good choice
Please post. Thanks!
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There are a lot of people out there who love Sussex chickens but the one I had turned into a bully. It probably would have been better with all sussexes. They can be assertive as a breed but with flighty breeds, not so good. Hope yours are nicer than mine was. :)
Hope they are too. Thanks for replying. I'm getting quite a few different breeds but I'm going to let 'em grow up together so hopefully that will help. Gettin 7 Sussexes, 6 Random Brown egg Assortment, 1 Welsummer Rooster,and 2 Silver Spangled Hambergs.
Keep an eye on the Hamburgs. That is the breed that my Sussex kept trying to yank feathers off of. Flighty little things... And they were raised together. :/. No issues until they got close to POL. Hope this helps.

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