Any interest in a cross of andalusian x lakenvelder ?.

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    Oct 25, 2007
    Any one interested in this cross? Blue Andalusian rooster x golden lakenvelder hens.The chicks should/ will be blue and or black. The lacing should be nice and there could be a chance of some gold being there. The cross hens should lay med sized eggs white in color be single combed slate colored legs and be snappy.
    I'll have them available any time now this is the only girls I have laying.
    If some one would like to try them give me a pm will work out the details.
    This cross is penned by themselves no other hens. My main breeder coops are pure no crosses. I'll have pictures as soon as I get a new camera.
    This is a cross I've been wanting to try out. I kept back a very nice blue rooster as a back up for my main andalusians and I hated to see him with out some ladies and I had the extra lakenvelder girls.
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    Jan 27, 2013
    What did the chickens look like from this cross?Dave

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