Any more keeping duck house clean secrets?


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Aug 20, 2014
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I feel so guilty. I'm thinking of putting them outside soon. I think I have a case of '13 ducks, what'd ya expect' =/

There's nothing wrong with living in a secure greenhouse I guess. But they're not old enough imo to be unsupervised and free during the day for a few more weeks... They're not even 3 wks yet..

I'm just not sure what else to do, or how much longer I can keep it up. I'm getting in-home "social pressure" to make the smell zero, and I'm 'not aloud' to make a home larger than 18 sq ft in doors.. The smell is not bad, but I cant make it zero, or very close, without a lot more work.

Already, it is taking too much work to clean. Time-wise, but also physically, back mostly. I'm using the pine pellets, which have helped a ton, but a ton is how much they poop..

The way I see it, even if I'm doing something wrong, or can improve a lot, I still might have to take them out soon. 6x3 is not all that much space at the rate they grow.

Any tips?

If I can get it cleaner easier and faster, maybe I'll make a large fenced in area for them to start using soon. I just want them to have feathers, and be large enough to be safe from birds. I'm not sure how else I stand a chance making it to 6 wks w/o them sleeping outside. They'd need to spend most of the day outside I think.

I've been taking them out a lot, and its getting cooler, I think maybe I can handle more than 6hrs a day outside myself but ugh.. It's the alone outside during the day I really don't like until they're older.

*edit* oh and the gnats aren't helping.. they eat them, but there numbers are still increasing
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Tight spot you're in. Let's think this through.

The gnats are a concern if the ducklings are not fully feathered - those can carry diseases. And 18 sf is really small for that many ducklings - you have seen how quickly they grow.

Being safe is a huge deal. It's not just birds. Things can climb and jump.

How big is the greenhouse? If it has some gaps, can you just line the floor and walls and ceiling, and make a giant basket out of half inch metal hardware cloth?
I want to say 11x8 but I really cant remember, or find it posted. I could have sworn I measured, then posted it.

Here are images

They *must* be safe or I don't care. And I can still squeeze in 1 or 2 more experiments to try and manage waste management ? You know what I mean. I wasn't aware of gnats themselves being dangerous.

I'm thinking of getting some creative architecture consults from a few friends. Every time I clean it, I figure more out and make it better, but their poop is happening faster than my improvements.

Today, I cleaned it extra fast using a mini rake, it old took 5mins :) but it still had old under layer. Maybe if I clean it out completely again, and use a lot more (so its 5-7 inches thick) and do a fast surface clean twice a day, it'll work.

Or put a screen on top of the pine pellets, and then another layer of pine pellets on top. That way solids stay on top and I can mix the bottom area which is some wet, some dry.

I'm not completely sure...
All I know is my main goal is to make inside work, and if it can't, they need 99.99999% safely outside. Otherwise, I'm fighting back on outdoors.

It's interesting how my logic normally accounts for 95%+ of my decisions and actions. When it comes to the ducks, emotion kicks in strong and my brain gets "cloudy." I struggle a lot =\

I do believe where there's a will, there's a way.. but right now, there's a time crunch and I'm not sure I'll find 'the way' in time. It makes me feel like I'm one of the people that irresponsible got ducks. It makes me talk about feelings like right now lol. Even if they can go out 99.999999% safe (since 100% doesn't exist) I still want them inside longer. But if I can't make things better, outside my be better for their lives, and the in-home humans =( but they're not 3 wks old til tmw!!
Wifezilla used no-skid grid material over sawdust pellets, so she could just lift the poo out. 70%cocoa used old towels over a mesh floor with a pan under the floor to catch wet stuff.

And I was very careful to learn all I could before the ducklings arrived, and I still felt swamped by reality. I would adapt, they would grow and change. Went like that for about six or eight weeks.

Then it settled down a bit.
I prepared for 3 months and then reality hit lol in week 1! I think 13 duck is just legitimately a lot.. but not impossible

What's Wifezilla? Google I don't think showed what you're referring to.

If you have videos/pics that'd be awesome. I was just looking at these 3 things for ideas:

Googling most moisture absorbing materials, first link:

And Breeze
Litter System from Tidy Cats

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