Any one else in/was in 4-H

My son WILL be when he turns 5
I'm excited but know nothing about it really. Just now doing research on it. He will be showing his silkies and I hope he learns a lot while doing that
I was a 4Her for a year... then I discovered the glory that is FFA. We have a way cooler theme song... EVERYBODY sing FFA! FFA! FFA! FFA! lol. it's really lame actually, but quite impressive when a huge stadium is full of FFA kids all singing that.
I was in 4-H and I am now a 4-H leader and my kids are in 4-H. I think my school had FFA but I didn't know anyone in it, didn't live on a farm, so didn't think it applied to me. My kids school doesn't have FFA. Some neighboring schools do, wish ours did.

I love the 4-H program!! Something for everyone!!
I was never in 4H but I am a co-leader and this is my son's second year. We are, of course, doing poultry this year!
In fact tonight is the annual shooting safety meeting, tomorrow is the regular meeting and starting next Saturday it is trap season! Fun, fun, fun...

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