Any one have chickens/chicks from Belt hatchery?


11 Years
Nov 8, 2008
How are belt hatchery's chicks/chickens? Friendly?

My friend got some chicks and i was wondering if any one has any type of picture of their chicks/chickens from belt? And all of the feed stores here order from them.
Hi Fizzy,
I've got lots of ladies from Belt. I have nothing but good things to say about their birds. As with all hatcheries, they are not SQ birds, but they typically meet the standards (in other words they are not cross breeds) and have great egg-laying genes. At the moment I have BO, Australorp, EE, RIR, New Hampshire Red, and Delaware from them.
Great and thanks! Please PM me when you get pictures on your BYC page. Thanks!
I think my chicks are from Belt as well. I got them at the feed store last week and a friend had told me they were ordering from Ideal. But when I went in today and asked I was told the feed store has been ordering from Belt.

My pics are posted here and here .

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