Any one know duck breeds?


7 Years
Apr 29, 2012
Montgomery County, Ohio
Saturday I went fishing on a lake. I saw the cutest duck that I have never seen before.

It was small, a tad smaller than a Mallard. It looked blueish/grayish to me, but I could be wrong. It had a light colored beak.
I live in Ohio and have NEVER seen one like this in my whole life. I don't know if it was someones pet or what.

I've been trying to go through breeds of ducks to see if I could find what it was, but have yet to find a picture of the bird I saw.
Mallards only weigh 3 pounds or less. If it was small and looked like a mallard, it was probably a Mallard.

Other than that, without a photo, there is nothing anyone can do for you. If you go back, try to get a picture of it.

This is what it kinda looked like. The above duck is a Call duck.
The one I saw wasn't as plump or had a black head. It look like it had a blueish tint to it. This is about the closest duck I have found to the one I saw. Who knows, maybe the one I saw was a mule. I'll take a picture of it Friday if I go out there and it's still out and about. It was there when we arrived, but when we were bringing the boat into the dock it was gone.
It almost sounds like you are describing a Loon. Do a google for loon and see if the pictures look like what you saw.

Also, look up "mud hen" or American Coot.

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