any one near Poquoson ,VA who can help me ???? cages


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
If anyone has read my posts recently they know i lost my whole set up ( a 12x12 shed) and most of my birds in a tornado ? straight wind the other day
right now i have my birds set up in the basement in kennels , converted boxes but i hate that and I am down there every 5 mins checking on them
IF ANYONE CAN BRING ME A RABBIT HUTCH , OR SOMETHING I COULD BORROW i wouldn't keep it and i would take awesome care of it and would return it clean and intact
Its gonna take about a month to rebuild

I have Trumpeter Pigeons , and silkie chicks for your kindness if you would like something , if you have anything you could lend please PM me or message me

sincerely ,
Paige and flock
I have no idea where that is, I have dial up so I can't even google map it. Anywhere near Culpeper?
I have a 2x3in fenced pen, 5ft by 10-12ft long, 5ft tall. If you can pick it up, you can have it. I had my ducks in it before the move. Old window as the door to get in. I have a pic somewhere or you can search my posts for it. Let me know, I lost most of my birds 2ish weeks ago to foxes, so I kinda know what your going through. Would love to help.
2 hrs and 49 mins away
do you think you could please send me a pic
thank you

my email is [email protected]
Secuono and Paige...I am in Culpeper, well Rixeyville and if you need to get the hutch to you that Secuono has, I have an F250 I would be willing to load it up and bring it to you or meet you half way. So let me know or shoot me a pm, will check in the morning.
It's not a hutch, it's fencing attached in a rectangle and then fencing laid on top and attached. Nothing but metal and open to the air. I've got dial up and couldn't find a pic last night. After work I will try to find it on my pc and post it. The pen can be taken down and rolled up, then reattached or even bent over like the wind did to it before I secured it to posts.
emailing you now, hope you have photoshop to fix the contrast...sorry. I'll see if I can get a better pic tomorrow.
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