Any possibility this is a hen?


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Mar 8, 2014

We got 4 pullets from Tractor Supply about 5 weeks ago, our first chicks. The one my daughter picked had a little comb by the third week, I included a pic of when we got her(?) and another from today, you can see pretty easy which one I'm talking about.

We aren't allowed to have a rooster here in Pasco, only hens. Is there any chance that it's just a fast growing hen?? When and how do we know for sure? I told my daughter if it started crowing it was a rooster and we'd have to find him a new home, I have no clue how to tell them apart other than that!
They just told us that it was a 'buff'. We weren't really concerned with breed, my daughter just wanted a brown chicken so she could name it Nugget. We got them as pets. :) If it's a rooster we'll have to get rid of him unless it turns out to be the quietest rooster in history.
Thanks for your answers, that's what I thought. Looks like I'll be looking for a new home for him soon. Too bad, he's nice and friendly. :(
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