Any reason to not put dog hair in nest boxes?


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I put dog hair from my furminator out in spring and wild birds take it all away in a couple hours to build their nests. Thought it would provide a nice cozy material on top of the hay of my chicken nest boxes? Any reason not to? Thanks!
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great question..... i was wondering something similar, my new German shepherd has so much extra we brush off her it should be put to good use.

... I'm in Boise too!
I would think dog hair would be okay if, they didn't have fleas, lice, ticks and didn't have any treatments before donating to the chickens. If the girls don't like it, they will just kick it out. Maybe there is a small chance a predator would notice the dog scent and leave the chickens alone.
I'd say no problem. I work with dogs and own 2 large dogs and like another posted said, as long as the hair is free from the flea topical meds, or parasites, you are good. You could wash the hair in some old knee high nylons if you worry about remnants of flea meds but As long as the flea meds were put on at least 2 weeks ago or longer , you are ok.
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We compost our dog hair, cuz some old gardener told us to....We have a norweigan elkhound and a long hair chihuahua so its hair city around my house....this is a very interesting idea.

I am near mcmillan and maple grove. I am so happy backyard chickens are getting popular here, I know of two others that have them in my neighborhood!
Me too! I have 4 (haven't updated my signature). I am thinking of getting a couple more, even tho it's over the Boise limit of 3. But, my neighbors are fine with it since they get the bonus eggs. My 2 older ones (around 7 mos) just starting laying. I didn't think they were until I found their hiding place where I store the hay - in a large dog house. I found 15 there! I've been getting a couple every other day now. Hope they continue thru winter. My email is [email protected] if you want to swap chicken stories!
Doesn't hair take hundreds, even thousands of years to decompose?
As long as you do not use any chemicals on the dog, the hair should be fine. But flea preventatives, shampoos, etc, might be dangerous for the birds.

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