Any such thing as a quail saddle?


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Jun 12, 2011
Probably a stupid question I know, but I named my one little girl Sinead for a reason, lol. My roo grabs the hens by the head when he mounts them and is ripping feathers out all over(they usally grow back quick, but I just want to make sure one of my girls doesn't get hurt). He is a perfect gentleman other than this, he's watchful, and ALWAYS lets his girls know when a really tasty treat is around(if I can sneak it to him before the girls notice, they are way more bold with me and will jump 10" into my hand for meal worms). So really just wondering if anyone has a clue on what to do because I don't want to get rid of any of them now. I've bonded, lol. NEVER thought I'd say that. (I got them to produce meat meat birds for me). Don't know if that will happen now, I'm about to set my first dozen eggs in a few days, I think I'l have a WHOLE lot of eggs in about 10 weeks,
. Have to say, LOVE quail eggs over easy. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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I have never heard of a "quail saddle". But if your male is riding one or more of the girls too hard, then you might want to add more females so that the girls can get a break from the male.
Awesom, thank you both. That was the other option I was considering.
And if these girls don't accept the new one, I guess I'll just need to start a second colony, :laulol. Any Ideas on how many I should add?
I second that emotion! More hens is the best solution, but some roos really really really like one specific hen. You know her, the one just there, with the feathers pulled off the back of her head and neck

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