any suggestions on a project im working on? (simple feed/water cups?)


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Mar 23, 2008
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well. i got to thinking.. "if i fill up my waters daily (which i do).. thats gonna be wasted water since i only have 5 gallon water pans, and thats in a pen with just.. 2-3 bantams.. (I have my pairs/trios seperate for breeding purposes since i show..) (pans are from when my dad had large fowl that he showed but decided to get out of the "Chicken business"....) so i use them, then i got to thinking. "Well.. i'll just buy some little feed/water cups." BUT their right at 20 something dollars for.. 6ish. so i got to looking at my water bottle.. and thought "i bet.. i could make this into a feed/water cup" so i get a knife. and cut around the middle of the bottle (little bit lower so the feed cup side is not as deep). but left a bit of plastic so they still hold together. cap on the deep end for water. when i want to empty it. i just unscrew the cap. and voila... so i thought.. "Now.. how am i going to attach this to the pen ?" (pens nothing but wire..) i think "Tie-wire might do it". go out there. put the bottle on the inside of the pen with my bantams AND.. needless to say. was a bit tall on the water cut part. and the only way to get it low enough for them, without attaching it to their roost pole area. the cap is touching the ground so i cant screw it off. AND.. up on the roost. it slides between the tie wire holding it. I believe its a loss cause. but i was hoping it wouldn't be. WAS "Easy", and cheap lol..


ps.. again. saying does go.-you get what you pay for :O

Although. it may work for some large birds. you wouldn't need to modify it so much
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Apr 23, 2008
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My feed store carries plastic waterers that use mason jars and they're only a buck or two a piece (I think TSC carries them too.) They work great for just a couple birds. I use pint jars if they're is only one bird and quart for 2-3 (my layers are all free range but I keep my breeders penned by colors and such.)

Your waterer sounds very cool, though I think a picture would help. I'm kinda confused as to how it would work.


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